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Resolution bug fix for screen size Windows 7, Vista, ect.
Added undoc'd port behaviour now the only emulator with port #FE & bit 6 delay, never seen this emulated so may come in handy one day!

The virtual folder works in Windows Vista or better. This is a sample that uses a set of C++ classes I wrote to help create Windows Shell Namespace Extensions. Shell Extensions (NSE) are plugins for Windows Explorer and they enable you to extend Explorer with virtual folders, such as the current Windows implementation of the Recycle Bin and Zip compressed folders (where you can navigate into a zip file and browse its contents).
Shell Extensions can extend Explorer in several ways, such as adding new menuitems, Property Sheet pages or assign preview handlers to a file extension. In addition, you can create new virtual folders that act like regular file-system folders, but display items (files) that reside on a completely different media. In the Registry folder you can browse and edit values of the registry under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER branch (or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE if you launch Explorer under the Administrator account). And while you can also create new keys and values just like the RegEdit tool, you may not find it much easier to work with. It's a programming example, it's purpose is to demonstrate how to create a virtual folder in Windows Explorer. This tool allows editing the Windows Registry. This is a potentially hazardous operation which could, if done incorrectly, render your system unbootable. If this happens you will have to restore a registry backup or reinstall Windows. Do not install this tool for editing the Windows Registry unless you know what you are doing.

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